Technical opinion and valuation of the damages after an accident in Italy

Car accident in Italy often makes victims no fault of their own abroad are the driver whose vehicle is among registred in Poland or in Germany. If a car accident in Italy is caused by the Italian driver who moves the vehicle on the Italian registration marks, the injured person is entitled to receive its rightful compensation in this situation. Victims abroad vehicle owners, which is caught in a car accident in Italy, but rarely know the Italian language so that they could themselves carry out the liquidation proceedings and have the assessment of the loss of communication abroad. In this situation, take advantage of expertise – eg. Automotive experts MOTOEXPERT.


If a driver who travels abroad, happened to be in a car accident in Italy that generally have a choice of two ways to eliminate the injury communications. As a victim not of their own fault driver can eliminate damage directly from the Italian insurer perpetrator of events in Italy – then the procedure is carried out abroad, or make a liquidation of the damage in their country of residence – this is done then via the claims representative. In order to avoid problems with the liquidation of the damage and to receive due to the car accident in Italy victim compensation should as soon as possible outsource valuation and the scope of the damage caused communication. If a person who wants to measure the damage after a road accident in Italy in an independent manner can benefit from the services that the network provides MOTOEXPERT.


Valuation of damage after a car accident in Italy is possible in the country of residence of the victim with the help of a network of experts MOTOEXPERT. Deciding on services MOTOEXPERT valuation of the damage can make the regional assessor automotive technology network, which provides a fully independent service Expertise. It is worth noting also that the network MOTOEXPERT providing services to the people affected, which happened to no fault car accident in Italy, working with a group of lawyers and experts, so also has the ability to command victims legal counsel. Therefore, any driver involved in an accident road in Italy and decide on an independent valuation of the damage done by an expert from MOTOEXPERT can count on technical and legal assistance, as well as the possibility of settlement (in some cases) the Expert costs Association called. assignment of receivables with deferred payment.


To obtain further information on the principles of valuation of damages communications by experts MOTOEXPERT and get advice on settling the claim after a car accident in Italy invite you to telephone contact with our The organization on +49 0911 9646 455. Our consultants can provide the necessary information and will unable to determine the intended scope of the aid organization, which can count on the person, which happened in a car accident in Italy. Welcome!


Car accident in Italy – Compensation after an accident in Italy

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