Cullet car abroad – a way of compensation?

Cullet car abroad as a way to get compensation? According to some drivers, and most of all insurance companies such thinking is relatively common. Insurers know very well that when it comes to bumps car abroad, as a result of which the car is designed to appeal to another country, to determine guilt, and above all the scale of damage to the car is impossible, or very difficult, especially if sent to these police documents do not contain any photos. In such a situation suspected to extort compensation starts to take the basics. Insurers know, however, that this kind of accusations directed at individual drivers require above all strong evidence that presentation and meeting is never easy. Drivers are aware that cullet car abroad, if it is too serious may raise certain doubts insurer. Therefore, if you are already planning to extort compensation for participation in the cullet car abroad seek to carry out all the action, so that it did not raise any suspicion. Unfortunately, very often the driver commit basic mistakes, which allow them to expose, and thus the refusal to pay the compensation due to them. Drivers who plan cullet car abroad must also reckon with the fact that it will be drawn to them certain legal consequences, which can be very serious, and in extreme cases may even mean imprisonment. Therefore, if you plan to deliberately cullet car abroad is very well think about his decision. Analyze all the arguments that speak for this, to give up such a solution. Consider whether it is worth a few hundred gold so much risk. Remember that not everything can run as well as we had planned, and the implications bumps the car abroad can be much more serious than you think. Therefore opt out of such a solution, and if you no longer want to have a specific car, go for the cassation or sale. This solution is much more secure, which is not binding for you from legal consequences. Remember that the insurance company, in cooperation with the police, and so prove to you that cullet was not an accident, but a carefully planned operation.

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