German estimates of accident repair

Cost estimates for repairs of cars after an accident in Germany recently are often performed in Polish by Polish automotive experts. This is not always beneficial, however, for people injured in a car accident in Germany, because the rate of man-hourly, which contain estimates of repairs made in Poland are much lower than those that contain German estimates of accident repair. This has an impact on the amount of compensation the accident, which is often not enough to the victim to perform the necessary repairs and complete attention. Repair cost estimate is a document that defines the method of repairing the vehicle after a car accident in Germany. Much more favorable to the victim is likely to perform a cost estimate to the German automotive expert MOTOEXPERT. The estimate is in this case, often the only one that correctly determines the amount of damage and the scope of the repair of the vehicle. German estimates drawn up by experts MOTOEXPERT always based on German higher than Polish, man-hourly rates. The estimate includes indications on how to repair the vehicle and determines the repair work in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the car. The cost estimate MOTOEXPERT clearly included are parts that are undergoing repairs and which must be replaced. Experts and car from the company MOTOEXPERT in the cost estimates of repairs include replacement of defective parts with new ones. It often happens that other experts include in their cost estimates of repairs replacements, which are much cheaper than parts that are original. In addition, experts from the car network MOTOEXPERT much more likely to fit in the estimate repair damaged body parts that should be replaced with new ones instead of repaired. If the customer entrusts the performance of German experts to estimate repair network MOTOEXPERT can expect to get much higher compensation than the accident, which could expect to pay on the basis of repair cost estimate containing Polish rate. Repair estimate made in Germany by an expert from the network MOTOEXPERT in Germany may also help to prevent underestimation of man-hourly rates, which unfortunately often happens when the cost estimate does appraiser car on Polish territory.

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