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The cost of the German technical opinion

The cost of technical opinion commissioned by the victim in a traffic accident in Germany is higher than the cost of performing the same service by Polish expert, but in case of damage in Germany it is worth considering whether or not it is worth to bear the higher cost and immediately begin the process of liquidation , contracting the technical opinion of the independent expert network MOTOEXPERT.

The higher cost of technical opinion made by the expert sieci MOTOEXPERT include among others his commitment, accuracy in taking into account all the details, years of experience and the necessary professional assistance to victims in the case of the Poles, who rarely after such an event are vry confused.

To meet its customers a network of experts auto MOTOEXPERT in contrast to other independent experts not expected immediately to pay for the service, but uses so-called. the assignment of debt at the expense of technical opinion. This means that commissions the technical opinion, that victims of car accidents Poles do not assume any additional costs, and the total cost of the independent technical opinion by an expert automotive network MOTOEXPERT is covered by the insurance company perpetrator of an accident or collision.

It is therefore considering whether you really better to wait, to transport the damaged car to the Polish, which is an additional problem and takes time, and request a technical opinion to the Polish expert who probably will be representative of the Polish Insurance Company, and therefore will not be impartial, or from immediately begin the process of liquidation of the damage suffered and request technical opinion from an independent expert MOTOEXPERT, despite the fact that the cost of such an opinion will be higher.

Operating throughout Germany a network of independent experts auto MOTOEXPERT guarantee the performance of commissioned a technical opinion in a very precise, taking into account all resulting from accident damage and arranging for repair or replacement with new parts in accordance with the facts. Receiving exactly made a technical opinion is extremely beneficial for Poles injured in accidents in Germany, because it becomes the foundation to receive the highest possible compensation that will cover not only the cost of higher technical opinion, but enough to repair the damaged car.

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