Accident in Germany? The collision abroad?

Accident in Germany, which is what you should do after a car accident or collision in Germany?

Writing off the perpetrator of the accident data
After each accident in Germany should write down the perpetrator of the event data (name, surname, address), and – most importantly! – The registration number of the vehicle the offender, the name of the insurance company where the vehicle the offender is insured and insurance policy number. These data are necessary for the notification damages and compensation for accident investigation in Germany.

Damage report after an accident in Germany

Accident in Germany, which caused damage should be immediately reported to headquarters MOTOEXPERT in Nuremberg. After the acceptance of the expert or experts of the car MOTOEXPERTu gladly will help and inform you about the opportunities available and the procedure concerning the settlement of claims after accidents as those available to victims of road accidents in Germany. Experience and proven solutions used by our company undoubtedly help to solve the problem resulting in obtaining the tallest legal entitlement compensation


Transport the damaged car and visual inspection of the vehicle accident

After an accident in Germany it is certainly not recommended to ship the damaged, the accident vehicle to Polish in order to perform an inspection of the vehicle there, compile the Polish technical opinion and the valuation of harm in the car. Network appraisers car MOTOEXPERT have their partner appraisers both in Polish and in German, so visual inspection of the car and draw up a German technical assessment after a car accident is possible even in Germany. German technical opinion is based on the provisions of German law, and therefore high rates man-hour are included in this assessment

However, if the autowypadku in Germany car that is damaged is already in Poland is not a problem perform the inspection of the car by one of the partner appraisers MOTOEXPERT on Polish territory. Made by them ogledzinowy material (photographs, survey report etc.) goes ACTIVATE Cetra company in Nuremberg, where the German automobile appraiser performs technical assessment and calculate the cost of repairing the vehicle already on the rules and regulations of the German and therefore high rates of German roboczogodzinowe included in this assessment they give you higher compensation.

Execution of German technical opinion possible only by the German appraiser

On the basis of German law exclusively German appraiser car is able to legally perform a proper assessment of the technical, taking into account any criteria or orders in Germany and orientation. Technical assessments made by the Polish automotive appraiser does not fulfill the legal requirements and therefore are worthless and can not be used in the procedure of liquidation. This Polish technical opinion contributes so only significant extensions and complicating the liquidation procedure. There is certainly in the interest of the victim.

German appraiser car from the company MOTOEXPERT prepares itself or receives material sent from Polish ogledzinowy, then immediately commence a review of technical and costing repair the vehicle after an accident in Germany. Partnerscy expert car MOTOEXPERT in Poland and Germany all make valuations of buses, cars, trucks, buses and special vehicles, and calculate the damage communication.

The payment for the technical opinion for expert

After blameless traffic accident and a traffic collision in Germany, if the victim chooses to services at the German Experts from MOTOEXPERT, recompense made by appraisers services takes place on the basis of the so-called. assignment of receivables. Assignments usually signed by the customer upon request services company MOTOEXPERT. You would then payment is not made from his pocket injured, but for the execution of a technical opinion directly pays the insurance company perpetrator of the accident at the time of payment of compensation.

Message of technical opinion to the insurance company, lawyer and client

After the post-accident technical opinion in Germany, the German automobile appraiser sends technical evaluation therefore called. Gutachten including zawieracjaca Photographic documentation to the insurance company offender or counsel to represent the victim, a copy of the opinion to the payer.

Waiting for the payment of compensation

The final stage of the process a claim after an accident in Germany is waiting for decisions of damages from the German insurance company. Withdrawal of money to the victim and the expert who performed the opinions and technical assessment of the loss of communication, as a rule ends the whole procedure.

Thanks to the lawyer representing the interests of the victim, there is a legal possibility to receive appropriate advance on the compensation payouts even a few days after the deposit of the complete file a demanding.

As a rule, the time compensation is heavily addicted to the experience and commitment counsel to represent exclusively the interests of the client. Often is the case already, even after 2 weeks. In the cases handled by the victim or incompetent or inexperienced lawyer or representative (ie. Liquidation harm foreign agencies), these issues can take place for months or years. Good compensation is only possible thanks to the experts and specialized in the investigation claims compensation lawyers and law firms lawyer.

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