Experts and car from Germany and Polish, creating a network of experts MOTOEXPERT are experienced experts in the fields of automotive, automotive technology and traffic, who your customers are not only extensive technical knowledge, but also with the technical and legal in terms of collision damage.

MOTOEXPERT is a cooperative network of experts automotive technology with years of experience, cooperating only with qualified experts in Germany and Poland. Equipped with the latest, specialized computer software and expert knowledge expert car MOTOEXPERT provide its customers with a fully professional and rapid execution of orders regarding the calculation of damages communications resulting in accidents or collisions on the road in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Polish and other European Union countries (including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, etc.).

Employees dispositional MOTOEXPERT headquarters in Nuremberg, speaking Polish, 6 days a week on assignment of the victims and send it to one of the selected experts car in Germany or Poland. For this reason, after a collision or accident in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, your damaged car on Polish license plates need not be transported to the Polish in order to perform the survey or to prepare the Polish technical opinion. Thanks to our company, these actions can be done by our German regional expert automotive technology – directly in Germany.


Experts and car networks MOTOEXPERT offer, among other things:

– Opinions on the collision damage

– Preparation of independent evaluations and technical opinions

– Valuation of vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, minibuses, trailers, etc.)

– Calculation of damages after accidents and collisions on the road in Germany and Poland

– Calculations of the costs of repairing the damaged cars

– Verification already made technical opinions and estimates of repairs (Polish and German)

– An assessment of the technical condition of vehicles (eg. Before buying the car)

– Technical and legal assistance

– Other (on request)



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