Whether as a victim is not fault of their own have the right to benefit from legal aid lawyer?

If culpable road accident occurred in Germany you have the right to choose the German-speaking lawyer who entrust the representation of their interests in the procedure for settlement of claims.

How long is the preparation of a technical opinion by an expert MOTOEXPERT?

In the case of passenger vehicles Accident Technical Opinion is performed normally within a maximum of 7 working day – from the date of order. With the damage trucks and buses and buses duration of the review it is generally longer, which is mainly related to the need to wait to obtain directly from the manufacturers of the data relating to the cost of spare parts.

Is it possible to inspect the technical opinion prior to its adoption?

Before printing a complete technical opinion customarily we send each client to inspect the document in PDF format. The customer has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the calculation expert car, and if you have any questions or comments to the technical opinion may contact the contractor within a maximum of 24 hours from the moment of its message.

How is transmitted to the Client ready technical opinion?

Drawn, complete technical opinion is sent to the customer in PDF format via e-mail, and the original (as requested by the customer) is sent in paper form to the client, the client proxy or directly to the insurance company, the perpetrator of the incident.

What are the forms of payment for the performance of a technical opinion by MOTOEXPERT?

Experts and car MOTOEXPERT provide dual accountability rzeczoznawczych costs or expenses for the execution of post-accident technical opinion. There is a possibility of cash settlement costs rzeczoznawczych, as well as – if justified – made a settlement of costs on the basis of the so-called rzeczoznawczych. assignment of receivables.

What is the assignment of receivables for the costs of Expertise?

Assignment of receivables (used only in cases of damage culpable) allows the calculation of costs rzeczoznawczych directly with the insurance company of the perpetrator. The signing of the document by the Client assignment of receivables means that when a technical opinion victim does not have to incur the cost of rzeczoznawczych immediately. These costs are usually borne by the insurer perpetrator of the accident. Expertise generally costs should be paid by the German insurance company within 90 calendar days. The condition for the application of the assignment of claims is, however, part of the lawyer representing the client in the procedure of liquidation, the proposed list of our lawyers.

Will I have to paid of appraiser costs ?

Network MOTOEXPERT may require the payment of costs rzeczoznawczych of the customer (or client service) only in two cases: in the case of prolonged duration of the liquidation procedure (over 90 days) – then borne by the customer the cost of Expertise are generally returned to the victim by the insurance company offender after the release by the insurer the perpetrator event of a negative decision on the payment of compensation

How to pass and errand for MOTOEXPERT?

In the first place it is necessary to call to MOTOEXPERT company and make an application of car damage. This notification is not obligatory for the sufferer person, in stead of sending Custom form. Custom forms every single time are transferred by customers in writing by fax or electronic mail (e-mail).

I had an accident in one of the EU countries - can you help me?

MOTOEXPERT Appraisers makes an opinion and valuations of culpable damage communications:

  1. Happened in Germeny, Austria or Switzerland and it includes vehicles registered in one of the European Union countries (including Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia) or even outside the Union European eg. in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus
  2. Arising in one of the countries of the EU and on vehicles registered in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
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