Traffic accident with a foreigner in Poland

Experts and car networks MOTOEXPERT provide services in the field of evaluation and measurement of communication damages resulting from a traffic accident with a foreigner in Poland. So if
you have been the victim not of their own guilt in road incident caused by the Polish driver, in which a defective vehicle on the German, Austrian or Swiss registration marks, consider the
possibility of using the services of experts automotive technology network MOTOEXPERT.

Damaged technical reviews performed by independent appraisers MOTOEXPERT after a road accident in Poland, are the rightful and objective opinions on the basis of which it is possible to
carry out the liquidation procedure in the country where the registered vehicle is damaged or in Polish, with the participation of the so-called. claims representative in Poland.

The cost of preparation of an independent technical opinion on the damage incurred in Poland generally can be returned to the victim, who at his own expense commissioned an independent
technical opinion to a selected expert automotive. In this case, it is always good, however, benefit from legal aid, eg. The services registered by the Network MOTOEXPERT lawyer cooperating
with the organization. Legal aid can help in obtaining any, due to an injured person costs.

In addition, in cases of serious damage to communications, or damage to high-value network MOTOEXPERT it provides to its customers the possibility of non-cash settlement of the service
Expertise ie. The settlement of the costs of preparing the valuation of the damage after an accident with a foreigner in Poland based on the so-called. assignment of receivables. As a
result, the victim is not fault of their own Polish driver usually does not have to incur the cost of preparing the technical opinion, because the cost of Expertise will be claimed by the
MOTOEXPERT directly from the insurance company responsible for paying compensation.

So if you happened to you in case of a foreigner in Poland and want to enlist the help of experts auto Networks MOTOEXPERT, commissioning them to carry out an independent technical
opinion, feel free to contact and report the damage to our communications consultant. This will ultimately get for your further information regarding the procedures
for the valuation of the damage and speak to the duty automotive appraiser, who will provide further technical information. WELCOME!

Accident with a foreigner in Poland – An independent valuation of the damage after the accident in Poland

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