Road accidents in Austria

Every year, traveling to Austria Polish drivers become victims of road accidents that occur without their fault. Each victim driver (eg. Pole), which is caught in a car accident in Austria should therefore bear in mind first of all that if the victim was a blameless accident in Austria is for damage to the vehicle has the right to claim rightful compensation. Compensation for no fault car accident in Austria each should be paid by the insurer perpetrator of the accident – his insurance policy.

Drivers who are persons injured as a result of involuntary car accident in Austria can usually opt for a chosen form of the liquidation of the damage caused communication. If traffic accident in Austria caused material damage to the vehicle, the victim (eg. Polish driver) can make the settlement of claims, or in the event of Austrian insurer perpetrator or direct in the country where the event or effect the elimination of the damage in Polish. If a person who wants to eliminate damage after a car accident in Austria in the country of residence (in Poland), then the procedure must take place is through the so-called. claims representative in Poland.

To make the valuation of damage in a car accident in Austria, victims may benefit from the services offered by independent appraisers Automobile MOTOEXPERT. Experts automotive technology our oragnizacji draw up a fully independent technical opinions after car accidents in Austria and perform a calculation of motor insurance claims. Thus, the Polish driver, who happened road accident in Austria, has the ability to use both the services of a regional expert car in Poland (if the liquidation of the damage done in Polish), and the German-speaking expert network MOTOEXPERT ie. The expert car, which evaluates the damage in selected cases, each in the German language. On the basis of the valuation of the damage, which will draw up an expert automotive technology network MOTOEXPERT injured in a car accident in Austria Pole can claim compensation from a foreign insurer offender event.

Car accident – Austria
In addition, the network MOTOEXPERT offers independent opinions on the communication damage arising in Austria for drivers who are working on the registration marks of any European Union country, succumbed to the undeserved damage it is in Austria. Culpable damage communication was established in Austria it provides for the possibility of, any victim to the vehicle owner, investigation of damages due accident. The rule is that the fault of road damage caused by a collision or a car accident in Austria, the compensation should be paid from the insurance OC event.

To obtain more information about car accidents in Austria and ways of loss adjustment, which occurred abroad, please contact the network MOTOEXPERT number: +49 0911 9646 455. Our expert will answer your questions.

In addition, contact the network MOTOEXPERT after a road accident in Austria, it is also possible to use the legal assistance offered by partnerscy and lawyers network and settlement Car experts costs (in some cases) on the basis of the so-called. assignment of receivables. Welcome!

Road accident in Austria

* The above-mentioned document is not legal advice but merely reflect our practical experience. To make sure of the legal status of each is necessary legal advice, eg. A lawyer from the list of lawyers cooperating with the network MOTOEXPERT.

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