Compensation for road accident in Belgium


It happens that a driver traveling to Belgium become participants of car accidents abroad, where they are injured party no fault of their own. Quite often the culprit traffic accident in Belgium are the drivers of vehicles on the Belgian registration marks. Each victim will not fault of their own driver, who happens that no fault car accident in Belgium, however, has the full right to obtain compensation accident due him for losses and damage to property. After a car accident in Belgium, the driver can thus claim damages from the Belgian insurer offender event of his insurance policy.


Any driver who was injured in a car accident blameless in Belgium, is entitled to the settlement of claims in the country where the accident happened road. However, if the owner of the vehicle after a road accident in Belgium wants to claim compensation in the country of residence and there effect the elimination of the damage also has this capability. When the liquidation of the traffic damage after a car accident in Belgium there is in the country of residence of the victim, liquidation procedure in each case takes place, however, through the so-called. claims representative.

Car accident in Belgium, which caused damage to the vehicle, generally raises the necessity of the injured person, the valuation of the damage. The driver, who had an accident on a road in Belgium, may decide to perform an independent valuation of damage, eg. In front of an expert network MOTOEXPERT. With the partnership of automotive technology experts to MOTOEXPERT it is possible to obtain after a car accident in Belgium fully-fledged and fully independent German-language technical opinion determining the actual amount of damage. The network has MOTOEXPERT automotive experts, who are able to help after a road accident in Belgium, with services that has the ability to use the victim.

In some cases, the valuation of damages contracted network MOTOEXPERT is done through a regional expert car, which is a partner of the network. In the case of the liquidation procedure, which is performed country of residence of the victim, the valuation of the damage and draw up comprehensive technical opinion deals with the appraiser car MOTOEXPERT the region of residence of the injured person.


The costs of Expertise for the damage caused in Belgium, however, are usually settled with the victims as cash. When the road incident in Belgium injured person would also benefit from legal aid, there is also through MOTOEXPERT, command option of legal services provided by legal experts working with network and dealing with the investigation of claims for compensation for victims of accidents.
If you were participants in a car accident in Belgium or want more information about claims handling, which caused a traffic accident in Belgium, please contact headquarters MOTOEXPERT. Our consultants are happy to provide information about service offerings rzeczoznawczych our organization and possible procedures for the valuation of damage. You had a car accident in Belgium? Call us!
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