Claims of communication after the accident in Croatia

A car accident in Croatia can happen to every driver who travels abroad by car. People also increasingly and more willing to travel to Croatia and so choosing abroad should remember above all about the fact that a possible fault of a car accident in Croatia gives them the right to claim compensation from the perpetrator of the incident. If a car accident in Croatia occurred on or after 1 July 2013. This affected the driver of the EU countries have the opportunity to claim compensation on the basis of EU regulations and the provisions of the Directive IV Communication. Rules of conduct after an accident in Croatia are in fact since then, the same as in the case of road accidents in other EU countries.


Compensation for no fault road accident in Croatia injured driver may claim from the insurance OC event. But first, if a car accident in Croatia caused damage to or destruction of the vehicle, there is a need for the valuation of the damage. In this regard, the injured driver can apply after a road accident in Croatia to network and make MOTOEXPERT through an independent expert valuation comprehensive car damage.


The driver, who suffered damage as a result of a car accident in Croatia, if you take advantage of network services MOTOEXPERT can count not only on a professional and independent assessment of the loss, but also to obtain legal assistance (in some cases) provided by legal experts cooperating with the network. Depending on the case and the decision of the victim, who happened to no fault car accident in Croatia, it depends on the fact, where it will be liquidation procedure. Elimination of the traffic damage after an accident in Croatia – in accordance with the IV Directive Communication – can be from 1 July 2013 be made directly with the Croatian insurer offender event or, after returning from abroad – involving claims representative working in the country of residence of the victim.


It is worth noting that each communication damage that caused a car accident in Croatia is different, and therefore we invite victims no fault of their own in Croatia contact with the network MOTOEXPERT. Then, our expert will able to provide further information on the procedure of settling the claim after a car accident in Croatia, as well as to propose the appropriate form of assistance Expertise.


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Traffic accident in Croatia – Compensation after the accident in Croatia


* The above-mentioned document is not legal advice but merely reflect our practical experience. To make sure of the legal status of each is necessary legal advice, eg. A lawyer from the list of lawyers cooperating with the network MOTOEXPERT.

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