The liquidation of damages after accidents – Accident in France


As each of the fault of road accidents abroad, including for car accident in France, drivers who have been victims not fault of their own, have the right to claim compensation from the perpetrator of the accident event. Then the compensation for road accident in France should be paid to the insurance policy driver, who was the perpetrator of an accident or collision communications. If the injured driver / owner of the vehicle, which occurred in a car accident in France, does not know the French language and do not know how you can make the valuation of the damage caused communication, we propose that benefited from the support and services provided by MOTOEXPERT.
The injured in a car crash in France, the driver is usually a choice of two ways of settling the claim attention. If a road accident in France caused the driver of a moving vehicle on francuskiech registration marks to liquidation procedure can take place in France or in the country of residence of the victim – depending on the scope and type of injury and the decision of the injured person. If the liquidation of damage after a car accident in France will be carried out in the country of residence of the victim is held it through a claims representative if France is liquidation will deal directly with the French insurer perpetrator of the incident. In both cases it will be necessary, however, to estimate the cost of damage after an accident in France. This may help the independent expert’s car network MOTOEXPERT.
Experts and automotive technology MOTOEXPERT offer victims, which happens that no fault car accident in France, an independent evaluation of the damage and draw up a comprehensive communication technical opinions on which is carried out liquidation of damages through a representative, and shall be paid compensation for road accident in France. Valuation of damage after a car accident in France can be made in this case by the regional expert automotive technology MOTOEXPERT.
For more information on how to perform the valuation of the damage after a car accident in France and the procedure for settlement of claims we invite you to contact with the control network MOTOEXPERT tel. +49 0911 9646 455. Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions regarding the preparation of an independent technical opinion and technical issues related to the blameless car accident in France. In addition, you may obtain additional information about the settlement costs rzeczoznawczych and use (in some cases) with specialized legal assistance and lawyers cooperating with our organization. Welcome!

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