Valuation of the traffic damage after an accident in Slovakia

Drivers who are increasingly willing and often travel to Slovakia vehicles on the German / Polish / Austrian / Swiss registration marks often become participants in traffic accidents in Slovakia. A car accident in Slovakia often happens to drivers without any fault of their own, and is caused by the driver of the vehicle to the Slovak registrations. If for no fault of their own the driver of the vehicle becomes a participant in an automobile accident in Slovakia and the result is a pity communication in a vehicle, then it is worth remembering that for any resulting damage should be able to appropriate compensation. If a traffic accident in Slovakia caused a Slovak driver, the injured person may rely on accident compensation paid to the OC event.
The victim owner of the vehicle must, however, take into account that in order to receive compensation for a car accident in Slovakia, it is necessary damage report and carrying out the liquidation procedure. Even when the car accident happened in Slovakia, the injured driver has the opportunity to make the settlement of claims in the country where it is registered his vehicle – through the so-called. claims representative established. Additionally, after a road accident in Slovakia victim may measure damage from an independent expert car. In this situation, take advantage of network services rzeczoznawcw MOTOEXPERT that charge via car experts that are its partners, provides services in the field of independent opinions and valuation losses resulting from a car accident in Slovakia.
When you decide to use the services of the network rzeczoznawczych MOTOEXPERT is possible to make German-language calculation and measurement of the traffic damage, which caused a car accident in Slovakia, ie. The valuation can take place in the country of residence of the victim. Network MOTOEXPERT performs the valuation of damage through regional automotive experts, who, as network partners perform a full and fully objective calculation of damages. In some cases the owners of vehicles, which happened to no fault car accident in Slovakia, can also count on a favorable settlement costs rzeczoznawczych for the valuation of damages and benefit from legal aid lawyers and legal advisers who work with MOTOEXPERT.
If you are interested in closer information on the valuation of the damage after a road accident in Slovakia by an independent appraiser car or procedure operation of our network, please contact the MOTOEXPERT +49 0911 9646 455. We are happy to answer your interesting questions and will identify appropriate in your case range of support that we are able to offer. You had a car accident in Slovakia – call!
Compensation after an accident in Slovakia – Road accident in Slovakia
* The above-mentioned document is not legal advice but merely reflect our practical experience. To make sure of the legal status of each is necessary legal advice, eg. A lawyer from the list of lawyers cooperating with the network MOTOEXPERT

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