Body and paint workshop in Poland

Unfortunately, it must be said that although the Polish market, there is a lot of competition, it does not translate to the level provided by the Polish workshops, body and paint services. Only a small part of them can be classified as major companies properly performing its services, for which the customer satisfaction is paramount, not only their own profits. Unfortunately, most existing on the Polish market bodyshops does not meet these demands, and their customers are not infrequently are dissatisfied with the level of the service. Unfortunately, it is too late and deceived customer has little chance to prove to the employees of the workshop body and paint malpractice. The victim is the only assert their rights in court. However, this method is time consuming and quite cost, so very few people cheated on him decide.

So, how to guard against putting damaged as a result of a car accident repair in just such unreliable bodyshop?

Before selecting the workshop should be carefully evaluated and the best to seek expert advice. To help you make the right choice network of experts auto MOTOEXPERT under the “Perfect Workshop” has verified more than 520 located in Poland service dealerships and garages. Unfortunately, it turned out that only 82 of them fulfilled imposed by MOTOEXPERT high standards and only those proved to be recommendable. The proof of the high level of service they received certificates MOTOEXPERT. Received certifications are a testament not only to meet the high demands but also the fact that their services seem lasted five years warranty (also service paint) and offer their customers time to time to repair their damaged as a result of a car accident possibility of using a replacement vehicle, and the cost of repair without cash settle all Polish and foreign insurance companies perpetrator of the accident.

For addresses to the nearest certified victim’s body and paint shop should be paid to the Polish-speaking employees network MOTOEXPERT please e-mail or by calling +48 32 7460777.

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