Car accident in Germany

Increasingly, in Germany, in addition to damage liability, damage and theft are common, involving the Poles moving vehicles on the Polish number plates. Among the numerous services offered by the experts of automobile MOTOEXPERT, we can find among other things, the execution of a technical opinion for damage and theft with. After making such an expert with the German inspection of the vehicle after the event in Germany, is executed opinion, also in Polish and above all, the rules of the Polish law. If damage and theft occurred in Germany, it is unnecessary transport damaged as a result of damage to the car on the Polish territory in order to perform there inspection and technical opinion as completely legitimate technical opinion can be done in Germany, and will be including an experienced appraiser car with MOTOEXPERT. This opinion later becomes the basis for the payment of compensation to the injured person in the loss and theft. With the procedure for hull insurance, which is used by MOTOEXPERT, a person injured in a week can receive technical opinion from damage and theft, and it is not necessary to transport the damaged car in Germany to Polish. Since the victim is not required own financial contribution, because the total cost of the technical opinion of the damage and theft by the appraiser car MOTOEXPERT cover the insurance company, in which the injured person has bought AC. Experts and car with MOTOEXPERT perform these services when they are convinced that the insured person has the permission of his insurance company for opinions on the damage and theft in Germany and execution of a technical opinion by an expert from MOTOEXPERT. As a rule, all companies allow their victims in Germany insured to perform a technical opinion by an expert from MOTOEXPERT. MOTOEXPERT services are performed professionally and in a short time, so they are a very good option for people injured in damages and theft in Germany. The victim also has the opportunity to inform your insurance company that the company MOTOEXPERT can perform the opinion of the damage and theft, and can do it at the request of Polish insurance companies under the provisions of Autocasco.

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