Culpable damage car (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

After undeserved loss of communication abroad (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Poles are very often report damage to their insurers or Polish representatives on Polish territory. Most do not realize that the better solution would be a damage report to the foreign insurer (eg. Through legally exercise lawyer from Germany). Such advantageous and efficient solution is provided by MOTOEXPERT and, working with German lawyers who deal with the affairs of damage in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Still very frequent to report damage to car produced abroad (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) to the insurer or representative in Poland, but such action is delayed the procedure for the settlement of claims and communication to obtain compensation from abroad, which is usually a nuisance to the victim. The victim after reporting the damage often seen unfortunately niezainteresowaniem company, which is trying to persuade him to report harm’s representative in Poland. Usually, said representative of the foreign insurer is a Polish insurance company, which after the application of road damage arising abroad (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) starts liquidation procedure. This procedure, however, very often dragged and lasts a long time, where one of the reasons is that it takes place in Poland. To the victim did not have too long to wait for the payment of compensation due should immediately report the damage with a foreign insurer, where the accident took place (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Victim after the event communication entitled to use the services of expert automotive and lawyer eg. From MOTOEXPERT. Appraisers MOTOEXPERT duties include performing technical opinions required to pay compensation. The company cooperates with polskojęzycznymi lawyers in Germany, so it can provide the necessary assistance to the victim Pole. Thanks to use the services of MOTOEXPERT victim will save time, money and their own nerves. Appraisers of MOTOEXPERT are fully professional and perform their services quickly and easily. The victim does not take a financial contribution for the services MOTOEXPERT because they are settled on the basis of assignment of claims signed by the victim.

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