Damage and theft in Poland

Damage and theft of German vehicles on Polish territory are becoming more frequent, in increasing numbers. A person from Germany, who was injured in Poland may carry out professional technical opinion from an experienced automotive expert from the company MOTOEXPERT. This opinion will be performed in German, and according to the rules of German law. In a situation where the damage and theft occurred in Poland, the inspection vehicle accident can be carried out in Poland by the Polish, regional expert from the company MOTOEXPERT – then there is no need for transporting the damaged vehicle from Polish into German, for there to inspect the vehicle and draw up the technical opinion . Technical opinion in the German language can make Polish appraiser from the company MOTOEXPERT. This technical opinion is then the basis for the payment of compensation due to the AC. The costs for the performed by the expert technical opinion MOTOEXPERT returns Insurance Company of the injured person from whom it has purchased a package of AC. Experts and car network MOTOEXPERT perform their services for damages Autocasco sure that the injured person from Germany is no approval from your insurance company. Almost always and almost all insurance companies after a car accident in the Polish consent to the execution of a technical opinion by experienced experts automotive company MOTOEXPERT. There is also the opportunity to notify the insurance company about the services the company MOTOEXPERT, which also apply to issuing opinions damages AC. Then the appraiser will perform MOTOEXPERT commissioned by the German insurer by drawing up a technical opinion based on AC. The company MOTOEXPERT apply procedures for the AC losses of German cars that occurred in Poland and performs accident technical opinions even within seven days of the service request. The victim is not forced so long to wait for a technical opinion and does not have to transport your car from Polish to Germany, there to outsource the technical opinion of their insurance company. Services provided by experts from MOTOEXPERT allow the victim to avoid unnecessary problems, stress, and help him save time.

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