Problems with auto servicing

Problems with auto servicing or garage can easily be solved by complaints service or with the help of expert car.

Very often it happens that giving auto repair encounter dishonesty on the part of a garage or even on the part of a larger auto servicing. Repairing a car damaged in a car accident in Germany, we feel cheated. Sometimes it turns out that the workers instead of new original parts to assemble our car, without our knowledge, their cheaper counterparts or even used parts, putting course, an invoice for the new parts. This is obviously a blatant fraud, which may occur both in the large service and the small, it might seem friendly garage, which employees use our inattention or sometimes just our ignorance.

Where to find help if there is a suspicion that we have been deceived by the auto servicing or garage.

If we have any reason to suspect that we have been deceived by a auto servicing or garage, or our car was during repair damage also damaged, help is best to turn to the expert who professionally assess whether made by the service or garage was done fairly and in accordance cost estimate. We can assert their rights through a lawyer or in court if we have been deceived past auto servicing or garage. We can then apply for compensation.

To avoid unnecessary costs by giving the car damaged in a traffic accident in Germany for repair from the start to be interested in, how they will be executed. You should consult diagnosed each vulnerability should not be in this matter left a free hand to employees of the garage. Another way to protect yourself against problematic employees of auto servicing is to draw up a contract between the owner of the car and the garage. The role of such a contract usually fully repair order, which should contain the most accurate range of repairs. We can also secure by having all documentation of the technical condition of the car including photographic documentation confirming the status of any damage, dents, scratches. So if during the repair will be new damage accumulated, our documentation will serve as proof when we apply for compensation.

After repairs are completed, you should also pay attention to how the bill was issued. Account should be detailed and contain a precise description of the work done with those used parts – it will form the basis for a possible claim.
Copies of orders and bills for car repairs is part of the auto servicing history of the car and should be stored.

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