Reasons for potential customers who are seeking compensation in Germany

Obtaining compensation in Germany for a car accident is not easy. We should show most often before the court that we need it, that the means we will use to buy a new car, further treatment, or rehabilitation. However, it is worth knowing why we can apply for compensation in Germany, because of what circumstances we can refer your application to court. It is good to know that compensation in Germany can be applied not only for the destruction of the car. We may also not be able to attend the event when we were forced to use the services of car towing companies and treadmills because of the accident. Another reason why we can claim for compensation in Germany is that we have incurred costs in adapting the car to the needs of the disabled. Another reason for claiming compensation in Germany is the fact that, as a result of the damage done to the car, it has lost its value. This argument can only be used if the car was not more than five years old. Only in this situation can we claim a kind of redress because of a reduction in the market value of the car. When seeking compensation in Germany we can also apply for unemployment compensation. However, we must prove that the loss of work occurred directly as a result of a car accident in which we participated. Similarly, when you apply for reimbursement for new skills. In this case, we also have to prove that the retraining is related to the accident and the loss of our work. Another reason that we can claim compensation in Germany is the death of a person who was the sole breadwinner of the family. In such a situation, we can apply for a permanent maintenance grant, which is granted for a limited period of time or will be available to minor children of the accident victim. In this case, we can also apply for reimbursement of funeral expenses, transfer of the body of the deceased to the country, or reimbursement of the costs of buying a gravestone, cremation and any other deaths committed by the deceased’s family.

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