Technical opinion after a road accident in Spain

Traveling abroad by car drivers increasingly become participants in road accidents in Spain. In many cases, a car accident in Spain is not caused by the fault eg. The German or Polish driver because its perpetrator is a driver moving cars on Spanish registration marks. However, if in a road accident in Spain

the victim is the driver whose vehicle was damaged or destroyed, it has the right to obtain rightful compensation in this situation. If a traffic accident in Spain occurred without the fault of the victim is the owner of the vehicle the compensation should be paid to the OC event.

When a car accident took place in Spain, the driver, who was the participant must remember that he has the right to liquidate the traffic damage arising from a road traffic accident, both in Spain and in their country of residence – a decision generally belongs to the victim. In some cases, it is reasonable to make or settlement of claims abroad, ie. Directly in a Spanish insurance company. However, there are also cases when, after a car accident in Spain liquidation procedure is carried out in the country of residence of the injured person, each time through the so-called. claims representative.

In sutuacji, when the damage communication after a road accident will be wound up in Spain, with the aid of an injured person can come only Spanish expert automotive technology. Network MOTOEXPERT and experts belonging to her his support are able to offer people injured in car accidents in Spain only if the liquidation of damages will run in the country of residence of the victim (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland). When the damage communication, which caused a car accident in Spain is being wound up in the country of residence of the injured person to the valuation of damage it is able to make a car appraiser network MOTOEXPERT region residence the victim.

It should be noted, however, that MOTOEXPERT cooperation with legal experts is able to command people injured in road accidents in Spain, legal assistance, from which they can benefit victims claiming compensation for a car accident in Spain. The use of the network services MOTOEXPERT, however, is usually related to the costs incurred by the victim valuation of damage after a car accident in Spain.

However, if you want to get more detailed information on how to eliminate the injury after a car accident in Spain and have our organization measurement of damages incurred abroad (Spain) please feel free to call the headquarters MOTOEXPERT number: +49 0911 9646 455. Our consultants and Surveyors will be happy to provide you with the necessary information about the operating procedures and rules of the aid that our network is able to offer drivers, which happened to a car accident in Spain. Welcome!

Technical opinion after the accident in Spain

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