Opinions and valuation of the damages after an accident in the Netherlands

People who increasingly are injured in road accidents in the Netherlands are the driver, traveling abroad by car. It happens that they are victims not of their own fault, and the perpetrators of car accidents in the Netherlands are the drivers of vehicles traveling on a Dutch registration marks. In a situation when the Polish driver was involved and
was blameless victim in a car accident in the Netherlands, he has the right to obtain compensation due. If a traffic accident in the Netherlands caused the Dutch driver, the injured person may receive compensation from the OC event.
Not to expect too long to pay due after a car accident in the Netherlands money should be as soon as possible make a claim with the insurer and start the liquidation procedure. In this case, the injured driver, who happened to no fault car accident in the Netherlands, should also decide where will the liquidation of the damage caused communication. After road traffic accidents in the Netherlands affected vehicle owners can eliminate the damage both in the Netherlands and opt for a liquidation procedure in the country of residence. Liquidation of damage in the country of residence of the victim, however, involves the necessity of charge via its claims representative, but in this case can help network MOTOEXPERT.
When a car accident in the Netherlands caused the damage to the vehicle is usually necessary to perform the technical opinion and determine the amount of damage communication (ie. The valuation of damages). In this respect, its support network offers MOTOEXPERT. Experts and car MOTOEXPERT provide professional and independent assistance Expertise and calculate the damage communication drivers, which is caught in a traffic accident in the Netherlands. Network MOTOEXPERT can take through their partnership automotive technology expert valuation loss (valuation prepares regional appraiser car), as well as instruct the victim to benefit from legal aid, which provide partnerscy legal experts working with network MOTOEXPERT.
If you wish to obtain further information about the procedure and the possibility of liquidation of the traffic damage, which caused a car accident in the Netherlands or you are injured people in road incident, which occurred without your fault abroad are welcome to contact MOTOEXPERT by phone: +49 0911 9646 455.
Our consultants on duty on the phone will provide you with the necessary information and propose adequate in the case of operating procedure. Contacting MOTOEXPERT you also have the possibility to use, in some cases, the legal assistance offered by the counselors of right and lawyers cooperating with the network. Welcome!
Liquidation of the traffic damage in the Netherlands – Car accidents in the Netherlands
* The above-mentioned document is not legal advice but merely reflect our practical experience. To make sure of the legal status of each is necessary legal advice, eg. A lawyer from the list of lawyers cooperating with the network MOTOEXPERT.

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